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The Messengers Of House
"Nuh Wah Doe He Yaw Duh" (With Peace And Respect)
"Wind Player...Allen Won!!"
"Available on all Itunes!"


Producer Yah Sharif is honored to introduce to you his very good friend Allen Won!!  Allen is a most profound and amazing wind player of todays time.  Allen Won participated on a very special project produced by Yah Sharif called "Nuh Wah Doe He Yaw Duh (with peace and respect)."  This composition that Allen along with vocalist Natasha Koss, bass player C.J (LOS) and yours truly producer Yah Sharif honors and gives thanks to the universe for allowing us to just (Be), to just (Be) who we are in this music.  "We are showing gratitude towards the stars and the heavens."  With peace and respect we share with you what this music means to us.  And so with no further ado....The Messengers Of House presents...saxophonist and flute player...."The Amazing Allen Won!!!!"


Based in New Jersey but grew up in Honolulu Hawaii Allen Won brings forth a most unique and incredible musical talent of todays time.  When Allen blows into any wind instrument what comes out is of pure spirit and creativity.  A lush musical perfomance at it's absolute best!  His ability to blend with the elements of soulful deep jazzy house music is profound!!  Allen graduated from Mannes College of music (NYC) and trained under saxophonist Harvey Pittel and the legendary Joe Allard.  Allen plays alto, soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones as well as clarinet and a vast variety of flute instruments.  A true skilled musician on the wind instruments indeed.  In the pic above Allen blows away on "Nuh Wah Doe He Yaw Duh" produced by Yah Sharif featuring vocalist Natasha Koss, bassist C.J (LOS) and spoken word by Yah Sharif!!


Allen has also played for many orchestras including the New York Philharmonic, NYC Ballet and The New Jersey Philharmonic just to mention a few.  Allen has also perfomed at CBGB's, The Blue Note NYC and in Japan, Carnegie Hall NYC and several broad way shows again just to name a few.  In the pic above is producer Yah Sharif (in the white MOH t-shirt), Allen Won and audio engineer Mattias Murhagen (Mattias engineering skills are outstanding) of Lime Beat Studios in Manhattan NYC going over the compositions for the project "Nuh Wah Doe He Yaw Duh."  


  Other projects that Allen has also done includes recordings with with Kenny Garrett, Thomas Chapin, Tiger Okoshi and Theo Bleckmann just to name a few.  Also Allen Won's first solo recording featuring his own compositions and his Quartet is called..."The jewel in the lotus." (I highly recommend it for the jazz lovers)  To learn more about Allen Won and where his music is available visit him at  "Allen Won's contributions are simply a blessing to us all and something I will personally cherish always."-producer Yah Sharif


"I would like to also introduce to you the main man behind Lime Beat Studios, composer, producer, creative director Randy Lee!!  Words can't express the gratitude that I feel for the compassion, understanding, time and energy in which Randy has given to The MOH.  I consider him a true rare spirit of good heart in this world.  Randy understood the vision and the rest is history.  Randy opened his doors with pure humbleness.  There are still good people out there who don't just think of themselves but who also care about others and that is Randy Lee for sure.  In the good words of The MOH new project "Nuh Wah Doe He Yaw Duh (with peace, thanks and respect)" I give to you my brother Randy."-Producer Yah Sharf 


Producer Yah Sharif and Allen Won pause for a moment to display a great show of gratitude, humbleness and unity.  "I will forever be grateful and honored to my very good brother Allen Won!"-Yah Sharif


"I want to personally thank all of the people out there who have been supporting us and showing a great deal of love towards what we do as The Messengers Of House.  "With Peace And Respect" is out now on Traxsource!!  Sincerly, Producer Yah Sharif 


Some of the Messengers...from left to right wind player Allen Won and his wonderful son, Owner of Lime Beat Studio in NYC Randy Lee, Producer Yah Sharif and audio engineer Mattias Murhagen.  It's all about  the humbleness no ego trip needed!!




"Down to earth people doing extraordinary things!!" -The MOH

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